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Entry #2


2009-11-28 22:31:16 by apples2apples

I just made my profile image and I'm really starting to get the feel of how it goes here at the 'Grounds. I Just want to thank BobyB64 for allowing me to participate as a voice actor in his flash of epic proportions, Clucky 6. It was a great success and I look forward to further production in the Clucky series. Well good day.


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2009-11-28 22:35:59

WOW thanks Apples!


2009-12-14 18:14:39

hello apples. i'm zooky! i am an animator! btw what voice did u do in clucky 6? if ur good u might be able to help me out as well.

apples2apples responds:

i was the indian, you see!